Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome to Grass Roots Giveaways!

Thanks for visiting Grass Roots Giveaways! We provide listings of giveaways for products that bloggers personally recommend!  Companies are not allowed to post their giveaways here, but rather individuals that are excited about a product and have a giveaway for it are permitted to share their giveaways here.  We want the giveaways that are listed here to be for products that contributors personally recommend! There are two categories:
Please understand that we are not responsible nor associated with the giveaways that are on other sites. We simply provide the opportunity for lots of small sites to share their giveaways in one location with other bloggers. The individual sites are responsible for their giveaways and we are not responsible for anything that happens through their sites.  That said, we will only allow family-friendly giveaways to appear on the main page!